Are the giver of credit with interest rate and its reciever the same in the level of this sin? .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ The husband forces his wife to open her face in front of the non-relative (non-mahram) people. What should she do? .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ Is the book Fathel Qadir of Shawkaniy useful for the beginners? .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ The hadith: "Indeed, Allah will give the murdered person a castle so that he becomes pleased with the murderer" .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ May I pray the sunnah of the Dhuhr with an intention to pray the missed prayers? .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ The hadith "the Prophet ﷺ used to love the lower part of the food".... .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ There is no problem if a person who is listening to the Juma preaching raises his hands in betweet the two preachings. .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ Is it allowed to purchase books with the money coming from the bank interests? .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ When is a kid allowed to enter the masjid? .. قسم Translated fatwas ........ Is it allowed to fast the sunnah while owing some days to fast? .. قسم Translated fatwas ........
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